Electro Sluts – Mallory Malone

Medical experiments using high-tech toys and electro machines aimed at forcing the orgasm out of pesky, stubborn bitches and make them recognize the domination that is Bobbi Starr at Electro Sluts
Mallory Malone
Red-haired all natural beauty Mallory Malone doesn’t look like the sort of girl who’s looking for trouble, but trouble finds her in the way of electrosex and BDSM in her stimulating update. Collared and chained to the floor, I make sure I get my share of pleasure. I zap her ass and body with the cattle prod. She screams, but I turn on the EMS pads scattered around her body. She eats my ass, but she also stimulates me with her involuntary contractions and spams from the pads. Finally, I reciprocate with the Magic Wand to her clit and my fingers in her pussy.

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Electro Sluts – Krysta Kaos

Fiery, searing heat at 10volts of power stream shockwaves into the genitals and tits of worthless whores needing to be broken and trained into the ways of lesbian BDSM at Electro Sluts
Krysta Kaos
With multiple piercings and even more tattoos, Krysta Kaos looks the part of someone who likes BDSM. But I’m just interested in giving her a fucking with my electrical strap-on! Tying her up to a table, with her legs in the air giving me full access to her ass and pussy, I start out by wiring her ass and abs with sticky pads. I fuck her silly with an electrical strap-on while controlling her muscles with the pads, adding to her agony with nipple clamps that tops her all-natural tits. Krysta cums hard, and I make sure it’s genuine as I rip the nipple clamps onto her while her clit’s overly stimulated. I know she had fun, because shocking and taking Krysta with my strap-on was fun for me!

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Electro Sluts – Kelly Divine

More sex toys than any submissive can handle, pushed to the limits of their capacity with electro-slavery causing explosive moans and forced orgasmic pleasure and pain at Electro Sluts
Kelly Divine
Kelly Devine’s tremendous ass demands attention, and I give her the attention it deserves in the way of our biggest, baddest electrode made for close encounters of the anal kind: Stanley. There is nothing in the world like him. When she’s restrained in the doggy position, there’s some good old fashioned whipping with leather a flogger (her favorite) while I cattle prod her ass and feet (her least favorite). I make her endure a good cattle prodding in order to get what she wants, a flogging. Rewards must be earned, after all. Now comes the main event: Kelly vs. Stanley. She takes him in her willing and quivering ass with shocking ease and Kelly wins, hands down. Though she hates the cattle prod, she cums and cums again with its encouragement.

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Electro Sluts – AnnaBelle Lee

Electrodes are systematically placed on sensitive clits with searing voltage so powerful, the girls will scream and moan for more but will be prevented to cum until permission is given at Electro Sluts
AnnaBelle Lee
AnnaBelle Lee is not new to electro and lesbian BDSM, however it’s up to me to show her the new way and teach her how to worship her mistress. The scene picks up where the last one left off, with AnnaBelle sitting on her ass, legs spread and arms secured with copper piping and secured to the ground with a copper strap. I spank her pussy a little then turn the copper on, causing involuntary spams as she eats my pussy. If she can’t please me properly, the consequence is that I will shock her and cause her pain. If she does her job and gives proper attention to my pleasure, I allow her to cum by a furious pussy fucking by the metal dick. AnnaBelle learns that the best orgasms come when she’s faithful to her Mistress!

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Electro Sluts – Alani Pi

Reality fantasy role-playing where wet and wild lesbian fantasies are realized with kinky girl-on-girl vaginal electro-stimulation at Electro Sluts
Alani Pi
Alani displayed the proper discipline during her last scene, so I’m ready to reward her with a much-deserved fucking from my electrical strapon. She did such a great job chowing down on my pussy and sucking my clit, so I give her what she really craves, a good, hard pounding from my electrical and not-so-little friend. But that’s not before I have my own fun shocking her feet and ass with the Zapper. Restraining her with ropes on a table, Alani’s on her back with her thighs spread open and feet in the air. Alani’s pussy is plugged by my electrical strap-on as she completely looses herself in lesbian electrosex ecstasy. But I make sure she takes nothing for granted. As a reminder that she’s my fucktoy I turn up the current on her nipple clamps while she rides the waves of orgasms from my strap-on.

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Electro Sluts – Hydii May

No slutty holes are safe from domination and penetration. Doms strap on electrodes and huge dildos into the cunts and assholes of new and beautiful babes who unbeknownst to them, have become pawns in kinky lesbian fetish games at Electro Sluts
Hydii May
With Hydii I want to give her a good introduction to all of the implements at Electrosluts. Her continuation starts with, the Violent Wand, the Zapper and the Acrylic Plug. I run the Violet Wand over her ass, giving her a taste of what’s to come — and though she might think she’s ready, I doubt she comprehends the pleasure and pain she’s about to experience with the other new toys! The Violet Wand wanders over her nipples and then shocks her a few times on the clit before I giver her a kiss on the lips and lock her to the ground. I place Hydii on her back with legs and arms spread, and restrain her for the first time with cold metal. Though she giggles though the process, it’s obvious that she’s nervous and hesitant about it. The restraints give me easy access to her tender pussy. I let the Violet Wand run where it may on her body and shock her with the Zapper until both are on the soles of her feet. Hydii ends the scene by cumming hard with the application of the Acrylic Plus in her pussy and the Hitachi Magic Wand on her clit.

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Electro Sluts – Felony

Reality sluts electrified with strange and cruel sex toys that include cattle prods, strap-ons, electrodes, ropes, butt plugs, crops, floggers, steel restraints, paddles, nipple clamps, ball gags and other engorged and large insertion toys at Electro Sluts
Felony’s been in the business longer than I have. But nothing she’s ever done could have prepared her for an intense Electrosluts anal, double penetration and squirting ordeal! But the fun’s just begun, and she’s tied up sitting on a barstool, giving me easy access to her plump, pillowy ass cheeks. I slap some sticky pads on them, making that sweet ass dance. Felony gets another dose of electricity though electrified nipple clamps. With a little manual stimulation, I make her wet. But everything’s been built up to her penetrations with an electrified ass plug and dildo, causing a successive wave of intense orgasms. She cums hard again and again very vocally until she squirts all over herself!

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Electro Sluts – Lorelei Lee

Super charged scenes of sluts turned submissive at the helm of mega porn star Bobbi Starr at Electro Sluts
Lorelei Lee
Lorelei Lee is someone you can always count on for an amazing performance. It doesn’t matter what the fetish is, she’s ready, willing and able. She finds herself with her feet in the air and her legs wrapped with copper wire. With Lorelei helpless, I take advantage of her and sit on her face, making her eat out my pussy until I’m satisfied. Though she does a good a job, I’m not done with Lorelei yet. I take a perverse joy in lighting up the wire with electricity! But her ordeal with electricity isn’t over, and I pump her ass with an electric butt plug while fucking her pussy with a metal dick on a stick, making her cum over and over again at my whim.

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